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Industries mainly involve industries such as energy, chemical industry, modern material trade, financial services, smart manufacturing and new alloy materials





Molybdenum strip

Molybdenum slab

High temperature molybdenum rod

Molybdenum electrode rod

Wood billet

Molybdenum ring

Various customized crucibles

Molybdenum sheet

Molybdenum electrode strip

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With multiple production advantages


Yongzhuo Tungsten and Molybdenum relies on Henan's mining resource advantages and financial advantages, relying on its own technical advantages and market advantages

Major equipment


Pulverizing reduction furnace, hydrogen production device, 132MN cold isostatic press, 500 ton hydraulic press, extra large intermediate frequency furnace, high power vertical melting machine, vertical lathe, milling machine, wire drawing machine, wide precision plate rolling mill, forging equipment, wire cutting , CNC machining and other advanced equipment

Testing Equipment


WPP1-light plane spectrograph, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, oxygen and carbon determination instrument, HBRv-187.5 Blowaway hardness tester, XJL-02 vertical metallographic microscope, BT-9300H laser particle size distribution analyzer, WLP-208 average Particle size analyzer, CTS-22A / B ultrasonic flaw detector, oxygen and nitrogen analyzer, infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer

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