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What is the production process of molybdenum crucible

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2019/12/03 10:20
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Molybdenum crucibles are widely used in today's rare earth smelting vacuum sintering and laser crystal growth industries. Due to the high price of tungsten and molybdenum and the harsh processing conditions, today I will introduce the production process of molybdenum crucibles:

Molybdenum crucibles can be divided into several main production processes such as sintering, stamping and welding molding according to different manufacturing methods. Among these molded molybdenum crucibles, stamping crucibles are widely used in the current market and their prices are relatively low. It is extensive, but it has a disadvantage that it is inherently difficult to improve due to the influence of processing technology. It is thin, which is not conducive to long-term use. It does not perform well in the number of repeated uses.


What is the production process of molybdenum crucible


The welded molybdenum crucible is not only low in price due to the increase in wall thickness, but also takes longer than the crucible in the stamping line when it is used. It is widely purchased by many manufacturers.

The above are some of the techniques of tungsten crucibles and molybdenum crucibles in today's industrial production. I hope that everyone can help them in the future after reading.

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