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China Ferroalloy Online Tungsten and Molybdenum Team Visits Henan

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2019/11/23 16:50
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Yongzhuo Tungsten and Molybdenum is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan Energy Chemical Industry Group (hereinafter referred to as "Henan Energy") producing tungsten and molybdenum products. The company is located in Hongshan Countryside Industrial Park, Luoshan, the ancient capital of the nine dynasties. Henan Energy is affiliated to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Henan Province and is the largest state-owned enterprise in the province. The industries mainly include energy, chemical industry, modern material trade, financial services, intelligent manufacturing, and new alloy materials, mainly distributed in Henan, Xinjiang, Qinghai, and Guizhou. , Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi and other provinces (autonomous regions). As of the end of 2016, it had total assets of 258.8 billion yuan and 215,000 employees, ranking 364th among the world's top 500 companies in 2015, 101st among the top 500 Chinese companies in 2016, and 129th among the top 500 Chinese companies in 2017. The molybdenum resources owned by Henan Energy are distributed in Luanchuan County of Luoyang City and Xinyang City Molybdenum Resource Concentration Area, which is the “Molybdenum Capital of China”. There are a total of Luanchuan Nanhu, Changqing 858 Mine, Heijiazhuang, Mazhuang, Laodinggou, There are 8 molybdenum tenements in Daqinggou and Xinyangshan Qiangechong and Luoshan steep slopes. The cumulative reserves of molybdenum ore resources are 2.264 billion tons of ore and 15.803 million tons of molybdenum metal; the total amount of associated tungsten ore is 131 million tons and the amount of tungsten (WO3) resources is 103,200 tons. Among them, Luanchuan Longyu Molybdenum Nannihu Molybdenum Mine is a large-scale molybdenum and tungsten super-large deposit of molybdenum. It was found that the amount of molybdenum ore is 1.261 billion tons and the amount of molybdenum metal is 789,400 tons; the total amount of associated tungsten ore 62 million tons, tungsten (WO3) resources of 55,800 tons; thick ore body, simple form, shallow burial, easy to mine and easy to choose; flotation concentrate contains few impurities, suitable for subsequent deep processing and utilization. Yongzhuo Tungsten and Molybdenum is Henan Tungsten and Molybdenum Deep Processing Enterprise, which is based on the abundant tungsten and molybdenum mineral resources, and is a strategic layout for Henan Energy to enter the tungsten and molybdenum industry and lengthen the industrial chain.