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Core Idea

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Corporate Mission: Be brave and fulfill your dreams

Interpretation: Standing high and serving the overall situation, with a strong sense of progress, awareness of opportunity and responsibility, in the cause of the rise of the Central Plains, Henan's revitalization, and the prosperity of the people and the province, it will fulfill the corporate dream of a stronger and longer-lasting Henan energy company. Achieve the noble, outstanding and respectable life dreams of employees, and build a Chinese dream of prosperity, national prosperity and happiness of the people.


Enterprise vision: industry first

Definition: Adhering to strategic leadership, implementing innovation-driven, building an excellent team, aiming at the forefront of the industry with a global perspective, seizing the commanding heights of the industry, integrating domestic and international resources, expanding domestic and international markets, creating advanced corporate culture, and clear development strategies Enterprise groups with scientific management mode, reasonable industrial structure and outstanding core competitiveness.


Corporate philosophy: the integration of people and enterprises

Interpretation: Enterprises and employees are a community of interests, a community of development and a community of destiny. Enterprises are people-oriented, and they are grateful to employees for decent work and happy lives. Employees are grateful to the company and work hard to achieve a win-win situation for both people and enterprises. Comply with the general macro trend, study and judge economic trends, grasp development trends, change with the situation, take advantage of the trend, and follow the trend.


Core values: do things with heart, pursue excellence

Interpretation: Perseverance, strengthen the sense of urgency to do things; careful focus, strengthen the sense of responsibility to do good things; excellence, strengthen the sense of mission to do things. Carry forward the fine tradition of "especially able to fight", take the enterprise as the head, take the post as the job, take the work as a career, continue to improve, surpass excellence, pursue excellence, let employees achieve better development, and let enterprises realize great value.


Management Concept: Three-oriented, Innovation-driven

Interpretation: The three-oriented management with the content of "institutionalization, standardization, and marketization" is the vitality of standardized and efficient operation of enterprises. "Institutionalization" is the foundation, "standardization" is the guarantee, and "marketization" is the core. Relying on innovation drive and organic integration of the "three chemical industries", it stimulates the endogenous motivation of management, activates the vitality of resource elements, and continuously improves the core competitiveness of enterprises.


Development concept: one step ahead, continuous improvement

Interpretation: One step ahead, gold everywhere. Investigate and analyze macro trends, market trends, and industry trends, gain insights, seize opportunities, and win opportunities. Adhere to the principle of strategic leadership, controllable risks, adhering to the development ideas of equal growth in scale and value, priority in value growth, simultaneous development of industrial operations and capital operations, and industrial operation-oriented development ideas, scientific decision-making, integrity, and continuous improvement of the company's sustainable development capabilities.


Safety Concept: Strive for Zero

Definition: Seriously implement the policy of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive governance”, strengthen “bottom-line thinking” and “red-line consciousness”, and follow the “grasp system and system grasp” mentality, and adhere to the “iron system and hard implementation, really true "Do not be fooled" requirements to achieve "ten zeros in security management." Implement a proactive preventive security management model, implement a security risk pre-control system, build a long-term security mechanism, and build an intrinsically safe enterprise.

"Ten Zeros for Safety Management": zero starting point for safe work, zero distance for responsibility implementation, zero hidden dangers in system operation, zero defects in equipment status, zero violations in production organization, zero errors in operation process, zero hidden areas for troubleshooting, zero shelving of hidden danger management, safety Zero accidents in production and zero benefits in accidents.


Talent concept: People do their best, take morals first

Interpretation: Talent is the priority resource of an enterprise. Respect talents, make good use of them, cultivate talents, let talents realize their potential and realize value. Focusing on the human resources management goals of structural optimization, we adhere to the employment standards of "combining ethics and talents and putting morals first" and the selection methods of "democracy, openness, competition, and merit". Employ people-oriented, build three channels of "W-type" career development of management, technology and skills, and build a diverse human resources team that supports sustainable development of the enterprise.

"Three Priorities, Three Encouragements, Four No Uses": That is, selecting cadres from teams with outstanding performance, cadres from cadres who have worked in difficult areas, and cadres from the grassroots and production lines. Organs and local cadres are encouraged to work in hardship areas, expert talents are encouraged to enter technical or professional career positions, and cadres are encouraged to transition to technical and professional positions. Those who do not want to be aggressive and do not do practical things; those who do not have a good reputation and are good at "public relations"; those who dare not be responsible and dare not get stuck; those who are fussy and good at showing off.


Environmental protection concept: clean production, green development

Definition: Applying new technologies, new processes, new materials, promoting clean production, economizing production, and green production, achieving efficient production safety, recycling resources, harmless production waste, reducing carbon emissions, and building a resource-saving type Environmentally friendly enterprises.


Integrity Concept: Sunlight is transparent and wind is clear

Interpretation: Advocate the style of clean, honest, and honest, create an atmosphere of openness, justice, and fairness, implement the "three, three, three, and no * integrity system" and build a long-term mechanism of integrity and self-discipline. Improving self-cultivation, improving the realm, and calculating the "seven accounts" of life, always sounding alarms, always in awe, always innocent and clean.

"Three, Three, Three and No": that is, "not willing to rot" from the conscious level, "not to rot" from the practical level, "dare not to rot" from the mechanism level, and ensuring that party members and cadres are not in violation of discipline, law, or crime.

"Seven accounts": political accounts, economic accounts, honor accounts, family accounts, family accounts, free accounts, health accounts.